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I absolutely love to read and write.

I am actually the biggest nerd, and I love finding out the “story behind the story” – or the “micro-narrative”. Storytelling is actually a huge part of everyday life, it’s built within us on a primitive level – without stories and storytelling – we have nothing. A great brand is also built on a great story – and each of your stories is unique. Read on to find out why storytelling is a must for your brand.


A great brand starts with a compelling narrative

You wouldn’t carry on with a boring book, would you? The same goes for your brand.

Here’s an excerpt out of a great article on this subject by Yazin Akawi

“Whether it’s in the form of personas, storyboards, journey maps or even a plain old written narrative, great designers start with clear, compelling narratives about the context of the customer’s problem they’re solving for. Like storytelling, every design project has one or more protagonists, a setting, a plot, a conflict and a resolution. Both writers and designers arrive to the resolution in similar ways.”

Storytelling drives connection

 From day one, storytelling has been used to not only communicate but to really connect with others. It’s like a primitive function – to identify with something we need to know the “why, how, who and where”. By communicating your brand through a story, you will boost your meaning and reinforce how it could fit into your ideal client’s life.

Storytelling can be strategic

Consumers want to know “why you”. On average, they are likely to visit your site around 9 times before making the decision to buy from you. By telling a unique story, you are giving consumers a chance to engage with something different to everything else that’s out there (And boy, there is a lot.), build a trusting relationship with you and in turn spend time and money with you.


Wendy Maree Art and Design | Articles | 3 Reasons Why Storytelling Should Drive Your Brand Identity | Paint

Not only is storytelling a super engaging and important way to share your brand, but it’s also really fun. Why not set aside some time to sit down and really play out your brand story. Write, draw, read and remember – get it all down on paper then organize and condense. Let me know how you go, I love to hear your stories!

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