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Wendy Maree Art and Design | Services | Brand Design

Brand Design

Design should never ever be either boring or stressful.

I aim to  facilitate a creative, collaborative environment where together we bring your brand to life!

It’s super fun, we will laugh and probably drink coffee.

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Wendy Maree Art and Design | Services | Website Design

Website Design

Of course your website is going to be super cool.

But it will also do all the things you need it to do and be super fast at the same time. I use only the best hosting and support.

You will also be trained to update your site when you want to so you don’t have to come and pay me again!

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Wendy maree packaging

Packaging Design

Need something smart to pack your goods in?

I can help with that! Multiple packaging options available for any product, designed specifically with your brand in mind!

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Wendy Maree Art and Design | Services | Custom Artworks

Custom Artworks

Want something custom and cool to hang in your space?

Speak to me about your ideas – I am trained and like to work hands on with acrylic, oil, watercolour and markers.

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To be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

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